Cetop 3 (NG06) ELDFG Series OBE (On-Board Electronic) type High Response DCV Valve (ELDFG-01EH-10-3C40-XY-A-D-10)

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The Yuken ELDFG-01/03 EH valve range is a closed loop, high response proportional directional and flow control valve with OBE (on board electronics), 2 series line up with a maximum rated flow up to 80 l/min (@?P=1MPa). The addition of OBE to the Yuken range of ELDFG valves which with simple servo valve performance levels of high response, high accuracy, reliability, newly developed strong compact solenoids, closed loop control with spool position sensor and differential transformer mean the range can now offer simple operation and user friendliness due to the simplified wiring.

Extra Information

Rated Flow:
10 - (10 LPM)
Spool Type:
Direction of Flow:
XY - (Meter In/Meter Out)
Fail Safe Function:
A - (P-A/B-T)
Input Signal / Spool Travel Monitor:
D - (Voltage Signal +/-10v)

Warranty Information

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