Cetop 5 (NG10) OBE Type Direct Operated Linear Servo Valves (LSVG-03-EH-40-A-A-2-10)

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We are pleased to announce the release of OBE (on-board electronics) type direct operated linear servo valves. Based on the design concepts of our high speed linear servo valves (LSVG) and OBE type linear servo valves (LSVHG-*EH), the direct operated servo valves provide “high accuracy, simple operation, and user-friendliness.”

Extra Information

Rated Flow at ?P:
70 Bar =40 - (40 LPM)
Fail-Safe Function:
A - (P-A/B-T)
Voltage Signal / Current Signal:
A - (+/-10v P-B/A-T)
Connector Type:
2 - (11+PE Pole)

Warranty Information

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