Cetop 7 (NG16) Two Stage Type High Speed Linear Servo Valves (With Fail-Safe) - (LSVHG-04-750-40-T-L-A-10)

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High-speed linear servo valves have outstanding features of high response and exceptional contamination resistance. These features are achieved by the compact and powerful linear motor which directly drives the spool and gives electric feedback of the spool position. These valves have garnered an excellent reputation since their launch by Yuken in 2001. Direct type LSVG-03 and two stage type LSVHG-04/06/10(which use the LSVG-03 as a pilot) are available.

Extra Information

Rated Flow at ?P:
70 Bar =750 - (750 LPM)
Spool Type:
40 - (Open Centre / A-B&T)
Pilot connection:
None - (Internal Pilot)
Drain Connection:
T - (Intenal Drain)
Cable Departure Direction:
L - (Left)
Fail-Safe Function:
A - (P-A/B-T)