Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps - PV2R Single Vane Pumps (PV2R4-200-F-R-A-A-30)

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These pumps are of high pressure and high performance, which have been developed especially for low noise operation. To comply with a variety of applications including injection moulding machines, PV2R series single pumps provide the output flow of such a wide range as from 5.8 to 237 cm3/rev. The intergral driving parts of the pumps are combined into a kit form and available for supply as a cartridge kit. Therefore, the replacement of the driving parts can be done easily.
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Extra Information

Pump Size:
PV2R4-200 (201 cc/rev)
Flange Clockwise (FR) or Foot Mount Clockwise (LR):
FR (Flange Mount Clockwise)
Maximum Working Pressure:
(175 bar)
Pressure Port & Suction Port Position:
A-A (Suction and Discharge Ports Upwards)