Variable Displacement Piston Pumps - A3HG Series (A3HG180-FR14SP-U1D-10)

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A3HG series pumps are high pressure variable displacement piston pumps based on our highly reputable "A3H" series pumps and meeting international standards (ISO and SAE). They have a rated pressure of 31.5 MPa and a maximum operating pressure of 35 MPa. These pumps meet JIS standards as well as ISO standards common in Europe and SAE standards in North America to ensure interchangeability with pumps available on the global market.

Extra Information

Pump Size:
Flange Clockwise (FR) or Foot Mount Clockwise (LR):
FR (Flange Mount Clockwise)
Compensator Control Type:
14 (Load Sensing Type)
Shaft Extension:
SP (Spline shaft)
Main Pump Mtg. Flange Connecting Port / Pipe Flange Thread Second Pump Mtg.:
U1 (SAE Main Pump Mount, Unified Ports, Unified Flange, SAE Through Shaft)
D (4 bolt):
Number of Pump Mtg. Bolts

Warranty Information

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